Lotus Seeds

Part Used & Method for Pharmaceutical Preparations

The lotus seeds are collected from August to September. After the skins of the seeds have been removed, the seeds are dried in the sun.

Properties & Taste
Sweet, astringent and neutral

Spleen, kidney and heart

1. To tonify the spleen and stop diarrhea;
2. To reinforce the kidneys and control the essence;
3. To nourish the blood and tranquilize the mind

Indications & Combinations

1.Palpitations, insomnia and irritability. Lotus seed (Lianzi) is used with Wild jujube seed (Suanzaoren), Arborvitae seed (Baiziren) and Poria with hostwood (Fushen).
2.Kidney deficiency manifested as seminal emissions or leukorrhagia. Lotus seed (Lianzi) is used with Dadder seed (Tusizi), Dioscorea (Shanyao) and Euryale seed (Qianshi).
3.Chronic diarrhea due to deficiency of the spleen. Lotus seed (Lianzi) is used with White atractylodes (Baizhu), Dioscorea (Shanyao) and Poria (Fuling).

Satay sauce


Peanut oil 50ml
Yellow curry paste 1 tea spoon
Peanut butter 100g
Vinegar 50ml
Sugar 30g
Fish sauce 30ml
Coconut Cream 300ml
S&P to taste

1.Combine peanut oil,peanut butter N yellow curry paste.Whipe N mix well
2.Add vinegar,sugar, N fish sauce.mixx well
3.Add coconut milk N season with S&P

Carrot juice N celery juice


carrot 600g
celery 600g

1.Peel N juice the carrot
2.Reduce the juice until the liquid is clear
3.Strain the liquid through a fine a fine cheese cloth

Lopster sabayon


Loster butter 50ml
White wine 80 ml
S & P taste
Egg yolk 2ea
Lemon juice 5 ml

1.Combine Yolk N white wine in mixing bolw N place the mixing bowl in bain marie(80 C).Whipe until foaming.watch out the high teperatur will cook the egg
2.add lemon juice,lostar butter,season with S&P.Use fire torch to brown the top of sabayon

Sweet Fruit Soup

1 can assorted fruit,almond jelly,sugar water

1. Boil sugar N water
2.Cut almond jelly into cubes,add assorted fruit,N pour sugar water in,then put them in refrigerator to be cold

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